We create high-performance teams from the inside out.  

Channelling our own energy to ensure positive change, we diagnose; surface; energise and then deliver a structured plan.


This is all about improving your team’s effectiveness. You might have an in-house team; you may be working with a virtual team that collaborates remotely, or you could be part of a leadership team that’s recognised a desire for improvement. We can identify the changes that will make a big difference. Kick-starting high-performance and helping you to embrace sustainable positive habits that will replace old, counter-productive behaviours.

♦   Surfacing the truth, what’s really holding you back?

♦   Diagnosing your team and its performance, collectively and individually 

♦   Surfacing and sharing new insights, safely, to drive high quality discussion

♦   Using insightful diagnostics, workshops, team and individual coaching

♦   Working with the emotional intelligence of the team, driving self-awareness.

We’re intent on delivering tangible solutions: a structured plan of action that gives you a clear vision of what must change, and how that can happen. We’ll use a combination of tools and techniques, which might include 360 feedback, benchmarking against drivers of team effectiveness, team facilitation, emotional intelligence working, coaching and more.

This is all about analysing, supporting, and changing the ways that two or more individual teams work together. You’ll have shared goals and outputs – you might be heading up a marketing team, for example, with external agency partners. Or working as part of an internal dynamic, with co-dependent teams.

♦  Assessing your teams’ current performance

♦  Creating an honest and open dialogue between you all

♦  Facilitating debate to determine what will lead to sustained improvement

♦  Action planning, creating a powerful roadmap for you

♦  Maintaining momentum, checking your progress (quarterly or six-monthly basis)

We work intimately: getting to the heart of the matter with one marketing team and one agency. We also deliver relationship management programmes that work with 1 to 50 relationships, nationally and internationally. And we work at scale, within a single company but with multiple groups of people (such as a Creative Team, Media, PR, and Digital Department) or markets.



It’s all about making the teamwork, work. Helping senior management teams to understand the cultural challenges within their broader organisation, and their team’s role in that landscape. 

♦   Diagnosing the current cultural health of your team, department, or entire company

♦   Taking an energising approach to surface good and bad habits objectively

♦   Strengthening management team purpose and agenda

♦   Creating a prioritised plan  

♦   Coaching the journey – so that the change happens from within

We can help you to understand more about your organisation’s current culture, and how it’s impacting your own effectiveness. Highlighting cultural and operational challenges through the lens of employees and management, we can map those challenges to your own perceptions. Co-creating a roadmap for change. We’re partners of Denison Consulting (Europe), who lead the way in cultural diagnostics.

You may be a high-performing individual already – but are you reaching your own, personal potential in the workplace? This is about helping people to thrive. Developing greater levels of confidence and effectiveness.

♦   Coaching and mentoring programmes that are tailored to you as an individual (typically involving 4 to 6 sessions)

♦   Assessments that can aid self-awareness – such as individual profiling, and emotional intelligence work.

♦   Looking at self-identified areas of opportunity or development, perhaps, such as self-awareness; Increased empathy; consequential thinking; and decision making.

We can offer a wide range of personal development options, which will enable you to understand how you can develop as an individual in the workplace. As you might expect, this is a 100% tailored programme that’s driven by you.



We don’t spend time on things that aren’t relevant. 

Being able to talk to us about the realities of your challenge might help you to realise the solution is in your own hands – which is great news. 

Frequently asked questions

At the simplest level, a team is a group of people. Dig a little deeper, and you find a collection of behaviours; desires; habits and ambitions.

By looking at context and analysing the challenges preventing individuals from delivering their best, we can unleash the potential of the group’s entire dynamics. That’s a high-performance team.

We use quantitative diagnostics, culture diagnosis, behavioural profiling, emotional intelligence dashboards – a whole host of world-class, tried-and-tested tools, many of which you can see here. Some you may know – such as Denison Organisational Culture, Thomas PPA, Barret Values while others may be new to you. All of them could be relevant, but we’ll choose the right tools for you and your team.

As for techniques, we offer process consulting, advanced team facilitation, workshop facilitation, team coaching, executive coaching, mentoring and more. Again, it will be a unique combination of the techniques that form part of our recommendations.

Of course. Every plan of action needs to be tailored to your challenges, so the best place to start – is by listening to you. Contact us by phone or by email, whichever is most convenient for you…