So how’s Greengrass for a name?

Greengrass Consulting

Greengrass Consulting. So how did we come up with this for a company name?

Well it’s day 25 (ish) in terms of our new company Greengrass Consulting.  And one of the questions I’ve been asked quite frequently is “how did you come up with Greengrass Consulting as a name?”.
Well Libby Child and I who co-founded Greengrass, had spent the previous few months pondering on the fundamental challenge of what to call ourselves.  And it wasn’t easy.  We were pinging ideas back and forth.  I was dead set against acronyms and anything made up or abstract.  And we both agreed wewanted it intimate what we do and hopefully be memorable.

So sitting in Pret early one morning fueling up on caffeine, ahead of a meeting,looking out the window, we saw the green grass of Merchant Square in Paddington – and that was that.

Greengrass Consulting is a “nod”to what we bring to any project, business dilemma, dysfunctional situation, or apparent “high-five team” which may have some challenges lurking.  And what we bring is positivity, boundless energy and the skills and experience to ensure that the grass really can be greener (yes I had to say it).  We see the hurdles and barriers as moguls on a ski slope – an exciting opportunity to traverse and successfully navigate the snow.  We know that businesses have often stared at their issues and challenges with such focus that they are almost snow blind (sorry – analogies over).

We arrive with a different way of looking at a company – an examination of its current organisational culture.  A way of of hunting out the facts behind the problem and explaining exactly what is the route cause. To enable the leadership team and broader organisation to truly see the real picture of what is going on.  To shine a light on the elephant in the room and tackle the challenges that lay below the surface. We bring objectivity, balanced with years of practical hands on experience of identifying the precise brakes on performance – and identifying what will accelerate success.

It’s a combination effect…..

World class diagnostics

We have a toolbox of world class diagnostics that help us A) discover the insights and B) articulate clearly and simply what’s good and what’snot – about a company’s corporate culture – what is driving its performance and what is hindering it.


Transformational interventions

And we combine the tools and insights we generate with techniques that truly shift peoples’ perceptions of their current reality and enable them to take action on the most business-critical issues (now they really know what they are) 

“Change does not roll in on the waves of inevitability….”

As Martin Luther King said. …“but comes through continuous struggle”.

We recognise the struggle involved and the challenges that arise when committing to doing something differently -how uncomfortable it can be, and how easy it is to play lip service.  Our job is to inject enthusiasm, energy and momentum AND ensure the businesses and people we work with deliver the initiatives we helped identify and measure their success.  Walk on the greengrass that they created, so to speak.

Transformational interventions

Marina Lumley

Founder Greengrass

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