2020 – a new target for marketing effectiveness

We were delighted to be instrumental in delivering the results of a new study into marketing effectiveness, which were published at the IPA Effectiveness (2018) awards. According to the new IPA/ISBA study, marketers are aiming to improve their effectiveness cultures by over a third by 2020 . “Marketers believe that, with the right tools, and access to the right data, they could be up to 32% more effective for their clients within 18 months.”   Read Read more…



I’ve spent 20 years working in international ad agencies as a Managing Director, European Chief Operating Officer, and Global Account Director. With that background, and my experience from setting up Aprais UK over 15 years ago, I'm now driven by the observation it’s possible to do so much more to help teams - and the people within those teams - to be the best they can be ...



... I love getting to the heart of things. As an experienced Board Director, and with the insights I've gleaned over many years working with marketing and communications agencies and their brands, I know how to help you find out what needs to change. Discover how the culture of a team and a company needs to evolve, and help that change to come about in the best possible way.