When you can’t see the wood for the trees, GreenGrass finds the real challenge and stays focused on your objectives.

Our three-part model lets us evidence the change that’s needed, measure the impact we’re having, and give you the potential to move forward beyond our intervention.


Data-driven diagnostics.

Awesome, audacious change.


Our diagnostics find evidence of exactly what’s holding you back. With the right blend of expertise, we can then energise you and help you transition to a new way of working. And then we can stabilise that success to help you live, practice and carry on learning.


Powerful insights reveal what’s holding you back.

GreenGrass can ‘unfreeze’ the situation. When we take you through the unfreezing process, we start by fuelling your curiosity with your awesome context.

We use the same process, whether we’re working with you as a member of a senior leadership team perhaps, as an independent group of people, or as an entire business culture.

We open up a powerful dialogue that explains what’s been discovered and what it means for everyone. Armed with this knowledge and a new, shared vision you’re ready to move on. This could happen in an afternoon over coffee, or it could take longer, but it will be illuminating and we guarantee it will set you on a path for growth.

Greengrass Consulting
Greengrass Consulting


Energize and move into the new way of working. 

In our ‘fire-up’ phase, we help people to embrace new ways of learning. It’s vital to have buy-in from the top: communication is critical to success. However, armed with a clearly aligned reality and some truly awesome context, we can help you to find a new North Star – to audacious goals that everyone believes in.


Stabilize success. Live, practice, learn. 

Believe it or not, eventually, we want you to succeed without our help. To reach that state of ‘live, practice, learn’, we’ll keep the energy up, motivating your change agents and making sure the cyclic learning processes are a positive influence.

When you’re ready to create new context and even more audacious goals, we can help you to prepare for the next steps of your journey – equipped with the courage and curiosity to realised even greater ambitions.

“In every kind of teamwork, silence isn’t golden, it’s deadly.”

Mark Sanborn


All change takes courage. Our team is here, ready to help you take the first step. That may involve booking a short Lunch&Learn, or you might be ready to explore an in-depth, business-wide programme of culture change. 


Would you benefit from coaching that helps you demonstrate YOUR vision and values in your work environment? Do you have teams that work well, but aren’t working as well as they might be – together? GreenGrass can help.